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How would you like a little dip, some swimming practice, a few dives from the diving tower, a workout at the gym, or some relaxation in the warmth of the swimming halls? The four city-owned swimming halls each have a unique atmosphere. Itäkeskus swimming hall is suitable for the whole family and full of colour and tropical atmosphere, the sympathetic Jakomäki swimming hall is larger than its physical size would have you believe, the spacious and bright Pirkkola swimming hall is particularly well-suited to divers, among others, and visitors to the historic Yrjönkatu swimming hall get to enjoy a unique old-time spa atmosphere. Learn more about the city’s swimming halls, which are full of character, below.

Itäkeskus swimming hall – a tropical paradise

Kuva: Sean Anthony

Itäkeskus swimming hall, also known as the eastern tropics, is a recreational centre for the entire family with a touch of familiar and nostalgic 1990s atmosphere. Itäkeskus swimming hall features three pools, a relaxing jacuzzi, two thrilling waterslides, an invigorating cold water pool, five regular saunas and one steam sauna. At the cost of the swimming hall entrance fee, customers also have at their disposal gyms and gymnasiums with modern, high-quality gym equipment.

The pool area is equipped with brand-new virtual devices for personal water aerobics and, at the children’s pool, for learning how to swim. Choose your favourite training session or tutorial on the device and jump into the pool for a nice workout!

“Our virtual devices and workout sessions have been vastly popular. We organise a lot of traditional swimming lessons for children, but we cannot fit in all the children who would like to attend, so there is a clear demand for these virtual swimming trainers. Families can use the remote control to select swimming tutorials best suited for them and follow the instructions given on the screen,” says Oleg Jauhonen, team supervisor at Itäkeskus swimming hall.

Itäkeskus swimming hall also includes a wheelchair accessible unisex dressing room, which is suitable for families with babies, people with reduced mobility and gender minorities, among others.

Additional information and opening hours of Itäkeskus swimming hall are available here.


Yrjönkatu swimming hall – the most spectacular swimming hall in the universe

Authentic, old-time spa atmosphere right at the heart of the city? Yrjönkatu swimming hall is a true gem, delighting both city residents and tourists alike. The first swimming hall to open its doors in Finland has retained its original appearance to this day and, despite its small size, attracts a whopping 300–800 people to dip into its pool every day. Compared to the other swimming halls in Helsinki, Yrjönkatu swimming hall is also unique in the respect that skinny-dipping is allowed: the swimming hall has separate opening hours for men and women.

Downstairs, visitors have at their disposal a large swimming pool and two saunas at the cost of a normal swimming hall entrance fee. By paying a small additional fee, you can also enjoy a relaxing spa atmosphere with lounge cabins, restaurant services and various saunas on the second floor of the swimming hall. The swimming hall building is architecturally significant: it was designed by architect Väinö Vähäkallio and represents the classical trend of the 1920s.

Additional information and opening hours of Yrjönkatu swimming hall are available here.


Pirkkola swimming hall: an oasis in the middle of Central Park

Pirkkola swimming hall is part of the Pirkkola Sports Park, a diverse sports and exercise oasis located in Helsinki Central Park. Pirkkola swimming hall was completed in 1968, and it is part of a sports centre complex representing the functionalist architecture of the 1960s.

The spacious and bright swimming hall with high ceilings has three swimming pools, a waterslide and diving platforms. Swimmers have at their disposal five separate electric saunas and one easily accessible sauna. In addition to the pool and washroom facilities, the swimming hall includes gym and weight-lifting facilities, meeting rooms for approximately 50 people, a café and a sun terrace in the summer.

Pirkkola swimming hall is wheelchair accessible. The dressing rooms and washrooms are wheelchair accessible, the swimming hall has accessible sauna and toilet facilities, and the deep pool and teaching pool have a pool lift as well as shallow stairs. A shower wheelchair can be borrowed at the swimming hall service counter.

Additional information and opening hours of Pirkkola swimming hall are available here.


Sympathetic and compact Jakomäki swimming hall

The compact and intimate Jakomäki swimming hall was originally built for the use of Jakomäen yläaste upper comprehensive school and inaugurated in 1972. The swimming hall, located in the school’s basement, was completely renovated and reopened in 2010. In addition to pools and washrooms, Jakomäki swimming hall also includes a gym, the equipment of which has been recently updated. The pool area includes a large swimming pool and a learner’s pool, and after exercising in the water, swimmers can warm up in two electric saunas.

On Tuesdays, Jakomäki swimming hall organises popular women’s swimming sessions. Tickets for women’s swimming sessions are available for advance booking online. Only a limited number of customers are admitted to the women’s swimming sessions in Jakomäki, so the online booking system reduces the need for queuing.

Additional information and opening hours of Jakomäki swimming hall are available here.


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