The way you move doesn’t matter; what matters is that you move

75% of students would like to move more

Physical activity can be increased by challenging typical beliefs


“I do not have the time or interest to exercise.”

Many have a guilty conscience for not finding the time to go to a gym or an exercise group. However, everyday routines can be the most important factor in keeping us moving. You can raise your heart rate by climbing the apartment block stairs just as well as any fitness stairs. Currently, about half of all 1–2 km trips are made by car or other means of transport. Cycling is the fastest way to move around the city for trips under five kilometers. Walking 15 minutes to the shop and back amounts to 2.5 hours of weekly physical activity. You don’t always need to wear sweatpants to exercise.

“I don’t know how to start. I could use some advice and support.” 

Helsinki offers free exercise counseling for 16–29-year-olds. Helsinki Sports Services has opened a telephone service called ‘Liikuntaluuri’ where a sports expert will answer any physical activity-related question you may have. Liikuntaluuri will answer your calls at 09 310 32623 on Monday to Thursday from 13:00–15:00. Give us a call!

“I exercise twice a week, so I do enough.”

Most of the students engage in some sports and exercise. Great! Hobbies provide an important respite and counterbalance to responsi-bilities. However, suppose you want to exercise in a way proven to pro-mote health and well-being. In that case, you need to exercise more than just occasionally. Young people under the age of 18 should exercise daily for an hour so that their heart rate goes up, and people older than that for 2 hours 30 minutes per week. Even if the recommendation is not met, any movement is good.

“I would like to exercise more, but I can’t afford it.”

Helsinki offers free exercise counseling and hobbies for young people, including fitness stairs, outdoor gyms, and outdoor activities.


The way you move doesn’t matter; what matters is that you move

Only three euros for a swim

The Itäkeskus, Jakomäki, Pirkkola, and Yrjönkatu swimming halls have a great atmosphere, not to mention the Swimming Stadium and Kumpula outdoor swimming pools. You can swim once for three euros or a month or ten times for 24 euros. The entrance fee also includes the use of the gym. Read more: outdoor swimming pools >> and swimming halls >>

Free of charge exercise counseling

Young people between the ages of 16 and 29 can get exercise counseling free of charge. You can draw up a plan with the exercise counselor to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase well-being in everyday life. For additional information and to make an appointment, call 09 310 32937. Additional information >>

Youth Helsinki

Different things to do against boredom. Thousands of hours of things to do for young people and organized by young people every year. For example, massive amount free-of-charge dance lessons led by top instructors! Learn more at >>

Helsinki’s outdoor gyms and exercise stairs

Our outdoor gyms and exercise stairs have become a hit. The gyms are available free of charge 24/7, all year round. A Muscle Beach atmosphere can be reached by combining swimming and outdoor gym in Hietsu and Mustikkamaa. You can find stairs in your apartment building or outdoors at Malminkartano, Mäntymäki, Paloheinä, or Lauttasaari, for example. Read more about outdoor sports facilities >>

Gym, basketball, wall climbing, etc.

The legendary Töölö Sports Hall and the most versatile “shrine of sports” in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Liikuntamylly, offer opportu-nities ranging from dancing, gym, boxing, and climbing up to ping-pong for a two-euro one-time ticket. A ten-time series card or monthly access costs 16 euros. Read more: sports halls >> and gyms >>

FunAction and NYT-liikunta free-of-charge or affordable exercises

Badminton, gym, climbing, basketball, street dancing, skateboarding, aikido, street workout, dance, parkour, and more. FunAction is a free-of-charge recreational activity for 13–17-year-olds and a season ticket of NYT-liikunta for 18–29-year-olds is only €30, with access to all classes. Learn more at >> and >>


Liikuntaluuri: call 09 310 32623 on
Monday to Thursday from 13:00 to 15:00.


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