Töölö Sports Hall to be renovated

Töölö Sports Hall was completed in 1935, after which it served as a stage for the Olympics and an exhibition hall. In 1975 it became a fixture in the lives of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Since then, apparatus gymnasts, fencers, ball game players, martial artists, street dancers, independent trainers and fitness enthusiasts have formed just some of the users of Töölö Sports Hall.

After decades of frequent use, it is now time to refurbish and modernise the facilities, as well as update our concept of what sports look like now and in the future. Our goal is to make Töölö Sports Hall a place that inspires the residents of Helsinki to exercise and provides functional premises for athletes for the coming decades.

The Töölö Sports Hall renovation needs assessment was compiled by the Culture and Leisure Sector in autumn 2019, and project planning is set to start in spring 2020. The current and future users of the sports hall may participate in the planning process at various stages. By listening to the users, we can make the facilities and services at Töölö Sports Hall functional for many different types of athletes.

We will be publishing more information on the progress of the project and any participation opportunities on this website.


  • Needs assessment, 2018–spring/summer 2020
  • Project planning, planning 2020–2022
  • Planning the construction 2022–2024
  • Construction 2024–2026

Join us in planning the project!

Here you can find current information on any discussion, brainstorming and planning events for users, residents and other interest groups.

The new Töölö Sports Hall will be refurbished for the people. During the course of the project, the designers and the project team will be asking users for input concerning their needs and wishes. Despite this, the design process cannot fulfil every wish. Because there are several user groups, and their wishes are manifold, the planning work requires the mapping of various needs and wishes, but first and foremost, it calls for the marriage of all these different viewpoints. In addition to observing the needs of the current users and athletes, the planning process must also take the wishes of future users into account. In addition to this, the culture and building historically significant building also imposes certain provisions for the planning process. Furthermore, safety concerns and the budget also contribute to the framework for the project.

Below are summaries of the results of the interactive process.

Summaries and background materials

Töölö Sports Hall joint development event 12 November 2019 – a summary (in Finnish))

Töölö Sports Hall survey November 2019 – a summary (in Finnish)