We have been waiting for you! The legendary Töölö Sports Hall, Liikuntamylly, Pirkkola Sports Park…

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Pirkkola Sports Park, Töölö Sports Hall, Liikuntamylly and other city-owned sports halls are now in full action and offer a variety of sports and exercise opportunities all year round. If you have not been that active lately, or the pandemic forced you to replace a hobby dear to you with something else, now is the perfect time to head back to the sports hall! The range of exercise opportunities is almost endless. Why not try boxing, gym training, dancing or playing basketball at the legendary Töölö Sports Hall? Or how about athletics, wall climbing, floorball or table tennis at Liikuntamylly, the most versatile sports hall in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area? Perhaps a workout session at an outdoor or indoor gym, jogging, swimming, skiing or exploring moats and other hidden treasures of the forest with the whole family at Pirkkola Sports Park? Below, we have listed some of the gems of our sports facilities for you to explore.


The legendary Töölö Sports Hall

The legendary Töölö Sports Hall is open 354 days a year

Sports halls come and go, but Töölö Sports Hall is forever! Completed in 1935 and originally known as an Olympic venue, Töölö Sports Hall gave a permanent home to athletes and fitness enthusiasts in 1975. Since then, gymnasts, fencers, ball players, martial arts practitioners, street dancers, individual fitness enthusiasts and exercisers have become regulars at Töölö Sports Hall. Today, the list of recreational opportunities provided by Töölö Sports Hall seems endless: basketball, badminton, table tennis, cheerleading, karate, fencing, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, golf, cue sports, bodybuilding, boxing… Töölö Sports Hall surely is the most legendary and versatile sports venue ever!

“At Töölö Sports Hall, various sports are practised under the same roof, which teaches you to appreciate different sports. That is the beauty of the place! Although Töölö Sports Hall has been developed a lot, and will continue to be developed in the coming years, it has remained, and will always continue to be, a sports venue for all city residents, as it has been since 1975,” says Kristian “Kille” Kosonen, the manager of Töölö Sports Hall.

Additional information and opening hours of Töölö Sports Hall are available here.


Liikuntamylly has 12 060 m2 of room for exercising

Liikuntamylly is one of the most versatile fitness and top sports venues in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and it is also one of the national athletics training centres. Athletics, gymnastics and floorball competitions are regularly organised at Liikuntamylly. Martial arts, climbing, basketball, bodybuilding and weightlifting, volleyball, wrestling, table tennis, badminton and dance are also among sports practised at Liikuntamylly. In the evenings and on weekends, the facilities are partly used by sports clubs, but as a rule, the facilities are available for use without reservation at the price of the entrance fee. Whether you are looking to maintain your fitness level or develop it in a goal-oriented manner, Liikuntamylly has the settings for almost anything!

Additional information and opening hours of Liikuntamylly are available here.


Pirkkola sports oasis in the middle of Central Park

Pirkkola Sports Park is a true sports and exercise oasis located in the middle of Helsinki Central Park that includes recreational opportunities for almost anyone. The sports park features ball courts and a swimming hall, several indoor and outdoor gyms, football fields and an athletics field. Furthermore, in early autumn 2021, a new ice arena was opened in the sports park, providing three public ice skating sessions every week. The Pirkkola Sports Park grounds with its hiking trails, fields and buildings is located in the middle of Central Park and include marked hiking routes and exercise trails to Laakso, Paloheinä and Pitkäkoski. There are almost 6 kilometres of exercise trails in the area and in wintertime, they are turned into ski tracks and ploughed outdoor routes. Pirkkola surroundings also include a lot of moats, so there is much to explore and many adventures for the entire family to enjoy in the forests around the sports park.

“Pirkkola will continue to be developed, and our goal is to be able to provide city residents with even a more versatile sports park offering services to both athletes and regular people who enjoy an active lifestyle. As it is, the sports park already has some 1,150,000 visitors moving every year. We call it the Southern Vierumäki,” says Teijo Korva, team supervisor at Pirkkola Sports Park.

Additional information and opening hours of Pirkkola indoor sports facilities are available here.


All in all, the City of Helsinki offers its residents a variety of sports halls, swimming halls, sports parks, sports fields, outdoor gyms, outdoor swimming pools, beaches, tennis courts, exercise trails, ice rinks and artificial ice rinks, ski tracks and winter swimming places. The city also has 12 gyms and five weight-lifting rooms all over Helsinki.  You can find a list of all City of Helsinki sports halls and venues along with their opening hours here >>

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